Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting is about

  • building strong bonds by responding to childrens’ needs in a timely and sensitive way
  • modelling behaviour and having respect, empathy and a desire for connection.
  • life-long relationship quality built on physical closeness and emotional understanding.

Attached families may enjoy the benefits of bedsharing, babywearing or breastfeeding but these are not essential; they simply support the ability to be a highly responsive parent.

The essential part of Attachment Parenting is the willingness to know and nurture your child through every developmental change and every challenging behaviour, with trust in your instincts about what you and your child needs.

Attachment Parenting is about balance too; it is about parental self-empathy and self-care and finding the support we all need when it matters most. So reach out and join our community to share in the exciting journey of parenthood and become part of this welcoming family.

Attachment Parenting @The Family Village

Our aim is that parents and parents-to-be can meet and support each other, in a non-judgmental environment. It is a chance to socialize with like-minded families as well as a safe place to chat and seek advice.

Meetings will be held at Rose Garden Early Years Centre, a Steiner inspired setting close to central Reading. Apart from parenting topics, advice and support, we have a good sized book library, sling consultants and breastfeeding supporters.

Cost is £3 per family.

Please, come along to one of our meetings so you can check if it is something positive for you and your family.

Group Information


Rose Garden Early Years Centre

5 Christchurch Gardens

Reading RG2 7AH

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month 10:00 – 12:00

For more information and resources you can visit our Facebook page and the APUK website. We are an affiliated group to Attachment Parenting UK, APUK.

If you are a local parent you may want to join our closed Facebook group for discussions and group updates.