Mother Blessings

An alternative to a baby shower, a Mother Blessing is ceremonial and a spiritual way to shower the mum with affection before her baby arrives. A mother’s blessing simply celebrates mum. It is meant to inspire and encourage her just before she gives birth to baby.

What happens at mother’s blessing?

The guests may be asked to bring two things: bring a poem, song, prayer, or scripture about pregnancy, birth or motherhood; and a bead to symbolize fertility, birth or motherhood.

Typically, at a mother’s blessing, an altar or adorned space is prepared for the pregnant woman and her guests to gather, with expectant mom in the middle — she’s the focus of the event! You can get creative and set up candles and flowers to help build an ambiance. Once everyone has gathered, guests read the passages they’ve brought, and string the beads together so that mom can wear them during birth (or keep them nearby, if she’d prefer!). The beads are a reminder of all of the love and support she has. Birth is a rite of passage, so it’s important that mom can feel the strength of her friends and family with her as she welcomes baby into the world.

A mother’s blessing ceremonies originated from the ancient Navaho Blessing Way tradition. The ceremony is held to prepare an expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey — to shower mom-to-be with love, support and encouragement. The act of birth is seen as a rite of passage for women, and this is meant to help a woman feel mentally, physically and emotionally ready to give birth. A mother’s blessing is a modern ceremony that can give moms-to-be a similar sense of support and honor as Navajo mothers-to-be have received in traditional blessing ways.

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